Matt and Trindy

Matt has worked in hospitality for his entire career in many difference aspects. He's been in business development, operations and front of house to name a few. He's loved the coffee scene and during his 12 years in NYC he worked for coffee roasters on the wholesale side helping restaurants, cafes, hotels and large corporations with their coffee programs. Since leaving NYC with Trindy, they decided it was time to open and operate their own coffee shop in Perth. They conceptualised the idea whilst walking around the streets of SoHo, Manhattan which lead to the name Little SoHo Coffee Co,




Felicity is a gun barista with over 10 years experience. She can pull shots like no ones business. If you've been getting coffee in Perth CBD it's likely you've experienced one of Felicity's finest cups. Felicity has had the pleasure of opening a number of coffee shops, setting up the flow, design, equipment and working directly with roasters on flavours, quantities and management. She has experience at Telegram and brings her talents to Little SoHo Coffee Co. 

Manager & Head Barista